3 Fool Proof Methods To Get New Business Leads For Your FHTM Reps

by Ellen Franzoso on April 26, 2010

Your FHTM reps may come to you from time to time for advice on getting new business leads. There are three essential methods to draw more leads in. This advice isn’t just good for your reps to know, but it could catapult your downline as well.

Getting Business Leads is All about Getting their Attention

Especially in network marketing, success in winning leads over amounts to how well you can grab their attention. There are three classic techniques for doing this. These are “Promising the Unbelievable,” “Scaring Them to Death,” and “Offering a Solution to a Problem.”

Promising the unbelievable is commonly used in marketing of all sorts. The idea is to show a huge return for a minimal investment. Scaring them to death is also a classic. It’s a matter of showing them their route to failure if they don’t follow your advice. Offering a solution to a problem involves identifying a need and providing a solution that fulfills that desire.

Getting Qualified Leads through Applying These Techniques

As you reach beyond your downline to new qualified leads, you can include a comment reflecting one of these attention-getters. Whether you’re “friending” new prospects on Facebook or Twitter or you’re mass-mailing, you can increase your chance for a conversion by using such strategies. As always, the tricky part is to not be “salesy” about it.

Of course, promising the unbelievable is difficult to do without being “salesy.” The best way to toe this line is to focus on your situation. Talk about how wildly successful you are and offer to show them how you did it. Scaring them to death could be telling them about how impossible it would be to succeed in MLM unless they followed your advice.

Of all these techniques, the most subtle way of approaching new leads is offering a solution to a problem. It’s much easier to come off as not being a pushy salesperson in this manner. You don’t have to do anything more than say “I found a solution to your problem” and link them up.

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