Best Home Based Businesses Reveal Insider Recruiting Secrets

by Ellen Franzoso on April 29, 2010

You’ve come to the right place to learn the recruiting secrets from some of the best home based businesses. The best business practices, it would seem, involve not following the rules as given in the MLM training. It makes sense that it would be this way, since the techniques you get from your training in MLM don’t work.

Actually Make Money at Home from Your Home Business

In your home business, if you really want to make money, you have to see beyond the limits that your training gave you. Your MLM company gave you training that’s good for them, but it means nothing with regards to your success. Delivering flyers, selling to your friends and family, none of it translates to your bottom line.

Promoting specific products doesn’t translate into sales and converted reps. You have to think of yourself as your company’s brand. With this in mind, you should emphasize your success. You should be a source of real working knowledge instead of repeating the scripted techniques provided by the MLM company.

How This Advice Works for Your At Home Business

Using network marketing strategies to promote yourself, you set yourself up for a level of success in your at home business that isn’t dependent on the products you promote. Look at what the people in your upline did to draw you in. They probably didn’t emphasize how great the products are as much as they emphasized their success, did they?

Emulate this technique and see how it works. First, create your profiles on the social media platforms. Make friends and start talking about your path to success. Really push the freedom you have in your life and how little work you have to do. After a few posts like this, link back to your site. You’ll be amazed at the response you get. It’s effortless and you’ll find that it works way better than pounding the pavement.

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