FHTM Customer Service Tips That Will Explode Your Business

by Ellen Franzoso on April 15, 2010

Customer service is a constant in any sort of business. While you are technically able to avoid face to face interactions in an Internet business, it’s not good for your business to avoid customer service altogether. Simply put, if customers can’t come to you with questions and complaints, they’ll go and tell about their problems on a forum or review site. Here are some customer service tips that will keep your clientele and amplify your success.

FHTM Customer Service Training is a Huge Help

I don’t know about your experience, but in my experience, most companies don’t really give good customer service training. Scripted techniques don’t seem to work. Too many customers have issues that can’t be helped by following a script. Besides, no one seems to teach you anything about how to actually connect with the customer.

FHTM suggests that you consider how your personality plays into your customer service. How clear your communication skills are and how well you can develop a plan to fix the problem are both factors in how well you can perform “off script.”

Good Customer Service Begins with Your Tone

Different companies have different ideas on how good customer service works. The problem has always seemed to be that none of it is genuine. You can’t just “fake” a tone and expect it to work. You have to really “feel it” to make it succeed.

Brainstorming with friends and colleagues about how to do this is a great benefit. FHTM is a wonderful resource for this, since it’s more like a community of professionals than just a bunch of people working together. I find that this approach is really helpful.

Examples of Good Customer Service

Apart from your tone, there are other examples of good customer service skills.
• Being helpful is at the core of customer service.
• Make “the buck stop” at you.
• Be sympathetic, but don’t immediately cave to refund requests.
• Good closing skills are all-important. Your idea is the best one.

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