Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Recruiting Made Easy

by Ellen Franzoso on April 21, 2010

You may have been taught a certain way to recruit reps, and it doesn’t seem to work. Here’s a better way to do your Fortune Hi Tech Marketing recruiting. First of all, you’re going to have to unlearn the old way of doing things and take a new perspective.

With Network Marketing, Opportunity Is Knocking

The network marketing opportunity is the best form of marketing that you can get. This marketing strategy throws out the old rules and takes on a new stance. First of all, let’s forget that you’re selling products.

To make network marketing work, you sell yourself and mention products in passing, rather than the other way around. It allows you more freedom to endorse multiple products and keep your downline. It can also make building your downline much easier.

Network Marketing Companies Don’t Give Everything

Network marketing companies don’t often provide the right kind of training for you to succeed. They hold to the old MLM ways of marketing, which aren’t to your benefit. If you actually expect to succeed, you have to think outside of the box.

What do you think is the best way to build your downline and sell products? Push the product or yourself? Well, what are the people in your upline doing? I can tell you this; they’re not doing what you were told to do.

Network Marketing Training—A New Perspective

Old ways of thinking in network marketing training simply don’t work; they are more or less a continuation of the old ineffective MLM strategies. It didn’t work before, and it won’t work now. Try this new approach.

Show everyone that you’re a successful marketer. Give out helpful information to everyone. Build your downline on social media by making friends and in the midst of your posting, put up links to your products. It won’t be long, and your profits will skyrocket.

The trick, in a nutshell, is to make yourself an authority and recommend products. By “not selling,” you’re more likely to make sales. People don’t like to be sold to, so by putting the choice in their hands, they’re more likely to respond.

Ellen Franzoso is a Certified Master in marketing and a network marketing expert earning in the top 1%. Ellen’s passion to see this industry thrive drives her to help dedicated people around the globe make money in network marketing the new way.

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