Frustrated With Your FHTM Network Marketing Opportunity?

by Ellen Franzoso on March 16, 2010

If you’re frustrated with your FHTM network marketing opportunity, there’s something missing in your approach. It’s not your fault; you were probably just not given the training you needed. I can help you with this; it’s just a matter of finding out what the problem is.

Network Marketing Companies Train Workers, not Winners

Don’t get me wrong, network marketing companies can certainly get you pumped up with your training. Where they often go wrong is with the strategies. The emphasis is often on “high pressure sales,” and that’s usually a recipe for disaster. If high pressure isn’t the approach than “this product will sell itself” tends to be an emphasis, which never works out either.

Forget for a minute that you’re selling products and building a downline. Put yourself out front and sell how fabulous you are. You’re a successful business person, and life is great. Make people want to be like you, and then your downline will grow.

Most Network Marketing Training is Bad Education

The strategies in network marketing training don’t add up to success. I’m sure you well know by now that conversions are not dependent on 3-way calls, flyers and handshakes. In fact, it seems to work the opposite way.

True success in network marketing is dependent on not doing what your upline is telling you, but in doing what they’re doing. Do you think last month’s top marketer put out flyers or sold to her family? Pay attention, and take notes.

Network Recruiting—Getting Results Now

After scrapping the old network recruiting strategies, what do you have left? Let’s start with social media. Do you have a “work specific” profile? In reality, that’s the best place to start. Do you know how to find the top Facebook and Twitter users? Make them your friends, as well as their entire friends list.

Now, the trick is to not just put up links to your websites. You have to be a “real” person. Make a few posts. Start building trust with your list, THEN start putting up links. Make your profile more about your posting and less about linking.

Talk about how awesome your life is. Talk about the problems you used to have before becoming a marketer. Keep going like this and occasionally put up a link. When people want to be like you, they’ll try to emulate you. You just happen to be able to provide the means.

Ellen Franzoso is a Certified Master in marketing and a network marketing expert earning in the top 1%. Ellen’s passion to see this industry thrive drives her to help dedicated people around the globe make money in network marketing the new way.

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