Here’s How To Earn Extra Money From Home In FHTM

by Ellen Franzoso on April 25, 2010

Whether you’re merely looking for extra income or you’re making a career of it, you’re here to learn how to earn extra money from home. You chose FHTM as your MLM source, but may not be aware of how you can make more money with less effort.

Your Home Business Works Best with Network Marketing

The first thing you have to do for your home business is scrap all the useless marketing techniques and focus on network marketing. This has the potential for the generating the most income with the least effort. I learned this the hard way, toiling through pre-generated lists, alienating my family and all that other junk.

Facebook and Twitter are the hottest social media sites on the Web. MySpace is still holding on strong, so you can certainly work from there, too. Before we get much further, there are also techniques in network marketing that should be thrown out also.

Turning Your Home Based Business into Play

The biggest mistake people make in their home based business is that they view it as a job rather than a pastime. By this, I mean that when they start their network marketing campaigns, they just collect friends and post links. This is not only short-sighted, but it doesn’t work for immediate conversions.

What really makes network marketing work is when you don’t seem to be trying to sell people on products. Your intentions become immediately transparent if you launch right into linking to your products. If you make a few substantial and conversational posts before you throw up your links, it’s far less obvious that you’re marketing to your list.

Make Money at Home While Building Your Reputation

To continue to make money at home, you should keep up with this strategy throughout your network marketing campaign. When you’re building your reputation as a successful marketer and showing people how you did it, people will come to you like the proverbial “moth to the flame.”

Doing things this way will make friends of your downline, which will keep your reputation intact. All in all, it’s not even work if you just be a friend who happened to find a way to financial success.

Ellen Franzoso is a Certified Master in marketing and a network marketing expert earning in the top 1%. Ellen’s passion to see this industry thrive drives her to help dedicated people around the globe make money in network marketing the new way.

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