How The Top FHTM Work From Home Moms Grew Their Huge Downline

by Ellen Franzoso on March 4, 2010

I’m sure that because you’re in multi level marketing, you’re wondering if there is any way that your recruiting job could be done better.  You’ve taken all the advice, you’ve tried to build your downline the way they told you to, but you aren’t really getting anywhere.  Here are some tips from the top FHTM work from home moms.

FHTM’s Work At Home Moms Think Outside The Box

Everyone has heard the advice about starting out their downline with family and friends.  I know I was told that.  While it’s “a” place to start, it doesn’t always work.  It rarely works for long.  The work at home moms that have really succeeded ventured past their family and friends to get an effective downline.

As a matter of fact, they don’t even hit up their family and friends.  They don’t buy the magical “list o’ leads” that lead nowhere.  They have come to realize that hitting up family and friends doesn’t work and that lead lists are generated based on solid marketing techniques.

To All Working At Home Moms—Defy Your Upline!

Many moms working at home in network marketing wonder how the people in their upline could be getting rich based on the advice they provide those down the ladder.  The fact is… your upline is lying to you. They aren’t using the standardized company techniques.  Why would they use them?  They don’t work!   They give you “just enough” advice to keep you around, but not enough to succeed.  THEY want the awards, THEY want the limelight. THEY want their pics in the MLM magazines.

This situation really came into focus for me when I was about to close on a client.  I knew I had them, and because my direct upline sponsor suggested (insisted) that we do 3-way calls in recruiting, I got on the phone with my prospect and my upline sponsor.  My sponsor virtually shoved me out of the way to close the sale.  Watching him work, I realized that he was actually trying to steal my prospect!

To make matters worse, he didn’t close the deal, and the potential client told me that they would have bought in if Joe, my sponsor, wasn’t so seedy.  That was a profound moment in my career, to say the least.  I realized then and there that the 3-way technique doesn’t work, especially if you give your power away to your upline just because they are higher on the totem pole.  I learned how to close deals on my own, and now I share that with work from home moms, as well as others who want it bad enough.

Successful Moms Working At Home Don’t Do Grunt Work

There is one more myth that FTHM’s top moms working at home know about.  They know that the grunt-work of putting out flyers, selling to everyone they meet, and so on, is no recipe for success.  There are far more effective ways to reach out to prospects, and I can help you with this.  Grab a copy of my Free Report (above, in the sidebar) to see what I’m talking about.  (If you are serious about building your downline and making more money working at home, then put in a phone number where I can reach you – I often reach out and today could be your day to get some real personal help)

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