Multi Level Marketing Companies Don’t Care About Your Downline!

by Ellen Franzoso on March 22, 2010

Multi Level Marketing Companies don’t really care about your success, much less what happens to your downline. While on one level this means that they only train the lot of you to be good “cogs in the wheel,” it also means that they don’t care how you handle the reps in your downline. You can use this to your advantage.

Bringing MLM Leads In and Training Them Right

Tired of chasing MLM leads and finding that it is not working like it’s “supposed to?” I’ll bet the reps in your downline are tired of it too. Human nature doesn’t work the way the MLM companies say it does. Think of it in the basic “hunter and prey” dynamic. If you’re chasing leads, they’re going to run.

Think about it from a different perspective, there are many hunters in nature that are most successful when they make no effort to catch their prey. Certain fish draw their prey in by displaying a light on the tip of their nose. When the prey fish come in to investigate, they strike.

Effective MLM Training Incorporates This Idea

Besides making yourself as unappealing as a “shark,” chasing leads also makes you seem desperate. Deep down, people know that if MLM makes you successful, there’s no reason to desperately chase new leads. Use success as your bait and people will want to emulate that success.

This is the core of having a productive downline. By making people want to be like you, you will inspire their efforts. By telling them how you did it, you can ensure that they will succeed in their efforts.

This Approach Works in All MLM Opportunities

What’s especially great about this technique is that it can apply to all MLM opportunities you take on in the future. You will even be able to take your downline with you, since you inspired success in your reps well beyond anything that the company could hope to do. I can help you with this and other techniques to ensure your MLM success!

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