Secret FHTM Network Marketing Training For Pros

by Ellen Franzoso on March 5, 2010

I’m not so much giving teasers of top level FHTM network marketing training here as “exposing” the secrets.  The Fortune Hi Tech Marketing program is really impressive and well worth the membership.  But, unless you are connected to that 1 in a million upline sponsor, you might be better off signing up for outside training to learn things like what network marketing really is, how to maximize your potential leads, and why you should close early and often in order to build your passive residual income for yourself as soon as possible.

Selling Yourself—Key To Network Marketing Success

More than likely, this is not your first network marketing experience.  You may have tried it once or twice before.  Since you’re here, I imagine that it hasn’t quite won you the six figure passive income you thought it would.  The problem is that you were probably taught to sell products through networks.

Network marketing success doesn’t happen that way.  You have to sell yourself, not the team.  Your personal signups and downline reps are making their decisions based on what you have to say, and that means that you need more than knowledge of the compensation plan.  You’ll need to appear confident.

In fact. each and every technique of successful network marketing comes back to this point.  When you appear as a friend who found something valuable and simply want to get the word out, then your prospects will trust you.  A huge part of building your downline, is knowing where to place your marketing bits to attract the most qualified leads, and what to say to grab their attention and keep their interest, guiding them safely into your sales funnel.

Making Friends Is The Best Network Recruiting Strategy

Making friends and chatting on sites like Facebook and Twitter are things most people do to amuse themselves.  You know that “somehow” this can translate into network recruiting.  It’s all in your approach.

The thing is that most MLM companies function on the approach that simply presenting the product is the way to succeed.  “The product sells itself,” so they say.  The problem is that no one wants to be sold to.  If you really want your business to achieve success, your profile has to take off.

How Getting Network Marketing Leads Actually Works

You know now that selling yourself is more important than selling the product.  You know that making friends is the way to get network marketing leads.  So how does this convert into sales and, more importantly, a downline for you?

Without blowing the whole strategy, it amounts to the old saying of “like attracts like.”  If you portray yourself as being a successful marketer, success will come to you.  You may already have become successful, or you may not have gotten there yet.  The point is that if people see that you’re on the high road to success, they’ll want to jump on your bandwagon instead of fumbling around alone and lost in the middle of the desert.

The genius of this mind set and associated techniques that I teach, is that when you employ them in your attraction marketing campaigns, you are far more likely to attract people who really want to make a success of themselves.  You can fashion yourself as a mentor of sorts to keep them going.  Soon you will find that you’re making a tremendous amount of money just by chatting!

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Ellen Franzoso is a Certified Master in marketing and a network marketing expert earning in the top 1%. Ellen’s passion to see this industry thrive drives her to help dedicated people around the globe make money in network marketing the new way.

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