Stop Looking At Other MLM Opportunities, Train Your Reps Right

by Ellen Franzoso on April 23, 2010

You’ve tried everything to get the reps in your downline to work. You’re probably thinking about scrapping the whole thing and are looking at other MLM opportunities. Before you do that, you should really consider why your reps aren’t getting results. The reality may surprise you.

Multi Level Marketing Companies Train You Incorrectly

Have you ever wondered why applying the techniques that you were taught in multi level marketing don’t quite pan out to conversions? If it’s not working for you, it’s not working for the reps in your downline. It’s that simple. Knowing this, it’s time for a change in not just your perspective, but also in theirs.

After all, your income is based, to an extent, on their success, so ensuring that they’re marketing successfully is in your best interest. As your current way of doing things isn’t working, let’s scrap it and try something different.

A Different Way to Get MLM Leads

Chasing MLM leads and buying books of leads don’t work. The fact of the matter is that people don’t like being sold to. If following leads isn’t working, it’s time to draw them to you.

You and your reps can do this by building your reputations on social media. Selling yourself is a proven method to draw people to you. What it takes is portraying yourself in a way that people want to emulate. Talk about how great your life is since you got in MLM. Give out little bits of useful information. Then link to your products as a seeming byproduct. You’ll be surprised at the response.

Share This New MLM Training with Your Reps

Of course, you should provide this style of MLM training to your reps. As I said earlier, a good part of your success depends on their success. Pass this knowledge through to your downline and watch your commissions skyrocket. Once you can “sell without selling,” your success is effortless.

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